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  • Who are We?

    Sot TTI offers several certificate and diploma courses. Admission is done every January, May and September of every year. The college is growing at a very fast rate and is in the process of acquiring the state of the art buildings and equipments.

    Our Location

    Sot TTI is in Bomet County, At Merigi Centre, about 30 minutes drive from Bomet Town.The institute is 15km from Bomet town and 10 km along Silibwet- Mergi road. We are situated in a reserve area, which is very accessible by car, motorcycle or on foot.

    Institutional Overview

    The institute intends to pursue the following strategic issues. These are: capacity building, Training, collaboration and linkages, Investment in technology and business incubators, Competitiveness, Quality assurance, Standards and control systems, ST & I and Research. For each of the above issues, strategic objectives were developed to address them and hence the specific activities to address them were formulated

  • Mission and Vision

    Our Mission and Vission


    To provide technical, industrial, vocational, and entrepreneurial training that promotes innovation and creativity to meet global socio-economic and environmental challenges.

    Our Mission and Vission


    A centre of excellence for technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurial training.

    Philosophy Statement

    Sot Technical Training Institute envisions itself as an exceptional, innovative and unparalleled technical institute that provides an educated and superior workforce that makes a positive impact on the economic development of its service delivery county and the entire country.

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